TCA 2.1 Systemsettings add-on stuck in Processing status

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When deploying a v2 cluster you may notice that an input field for the capv user password is missing. To be able to set a password you will have to deploy the systemsettings cluster add-on, however with following the default wizard settings the add-on deployment gets stuck.

Not only does the add-on deployment get stuck, but also none of the settings get applied to the actual cluster. The main symptom can be seen in the picture below.

Systemsettings add-on stuck in processing state

The most likely cause is that during the configuration of the add-on the wizard was filled out in the following fashion:

Systemsettings add-on wizard

Notice the empty field for a syslog server, if you intended to configure the new fluentbit add-on for syslog a configuration like this should make sense, however this causes some internal issues with empty yaml strings. Next to the port entry field you can see a red x which lets you delete the whole syslog configuration like shown in the picture below.

Systemsettings syslog configuration removed

Once this is corrected (this can be done prior to deploying the add-on or by editing the add-on), the settings will eventually reconcile and the passwword set correctly on the cluster.

Successfully provisioned Systemsettings add-on