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VCP-IaaS exam experience

July 14th, 2013 1 comment

I sat the and passed the VMware Infrastructure as a Service Exam last Friday.

Gregg Robertson put together an amazing collection of study resources for this exam at:

I did not have a chance to sit the actual ICM course for vCloud Director 1.5 on which this exam is based but I personally used the following resources to study for the exam.

  1. – The official blueprint for the exam, was on version 2.4 when I took the exam but can be changed without further notice so this should be checked no matter what to see if anything regarding the objectives has been updated in the mean time.
  2. – Great place to start if you are familiar with the vSphere layer but don’t have a clue about how vCloud Director and other components interact with that layer. John Krueger does a great job explaining how everything fits together and shows how to actually click through a huge part of the blueprint.
  3. – Tired of installing everything from scratch when studying for a new exam? This one was a big help as lab time is important to get familiar with these “create, modify, configure” types of objectives in the blueprint.
  4. – vCloud Director Administration and User Guide being the most called out tool in the blueprint, followed by vShield and vCnter Chargeback should give you an idea on what to read in which order, map the “create, modify, configure” tasks from the blueprint to chapters in those guides and have clicked through them in the GUI at least 3 times should be a good preparation (at least that’s what I did).
  5. – Know your networking, the following posts from Duncan Epping helped me alot.
  6. – Alot of the blueprint has been covered on the vBrownBags as well.

The exam was a nice change to the VCAP exams (as you can actually mark questions for review and there are no impacts on performance as the exam is hosted in the test center), the questions were fair all the way through without any surprises outside of the blueprint.

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