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Removing stale hosts/cluster compute resource entries from vRA 7

April 1st, 2016 No comments

Update: This did remove all my compute resource configuration within my fabric groups (potentially because I did not create reservations yet which actually utilized these fabric groups and compute resources that I did not want to remove). Please use with caution!

After having finally found the time to set up the latest version of vRealize Automation (7.0.1) and adding my vCenter endpoint everything was looking good, until I got carried away, performed some other tasks, renamed a few clusters in vCenter and then went back to configure my fabric groups.

Too bad that data collection already ran before I renamed the clusters… so as a result I now had stale entries for compute resources when trying to add a new fabric group.


As we can see there is no more cluster called “Lab” in my environment. I tried using a tip from someone else who had seen this in the past and stopped and restarted the agent but that didn’t exactly help.

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