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Doublecloud’s Super vCenter – Part 1 Installation

March 6th, 2016 No comments

Quite a bit of time has passed since new year’s and I am trying to keep up with my reading resolution, having finished the first book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud at least. I diverged a bit into some more salesy literature for now and studying for the VCAP-CMA design beta has also taken a bit of time (and some new stuff was released on the Wii U that I just can’t stay away from right now, I simply love Zelda games…).

In between the last post and now a couple of new vExpert freebies have also been released and while I ordered a couple of new shiny toys for the homelab today (Intel NUC, have been waiting for 32GB RAM models for years and now they are finally available) I though of actually taking a couple of those vExpert for a testdrive.

The topic of monitoring, Linked Mode etc. came up in the vExpert slack a while ago and one of the products mentioned to cope with those challenges was DoubleCloud’s vSearch aka “Super vCenter”.

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