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Book review: VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook

March 15th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday I finished reading one of the Packt books I actually enjoyed (which is only a handful to be honest, usually the standard is not too high).

The usual book that was recommended to┬áme for Orchestrator was written several years ago by Cody bunch and is based on the 5.0 version of the product. This means it is rather outdated on several chapters today and this new book is a very nice addition to have. On the 300 odd pages the book leads you through several topics like installation, initial setup and optimization, backup and restore, “programming”, working with plug-ins and some useful basic examples.

The term cookbook is used because the chapters are subdivided into so called recipes, following a certain structure, going through an example and detailed explanation afterwards. If you just wanted to implement the examples you could very well do that but the information at the end of each recipe is pretty valuable. You even get to learn a bit of JavaScript by reading this book.

The examples are very well chosen, they are very short to implement but are pretty good building blocks for complex workflows that might actually have real world use, like approval processes. I really liked the example for the API browser and the explanation on the strategy of actually designing a workflow from scratch that uses non default functionality.

If you are a beginner or intermediate user of vRealize Orchestrator or just starting out in the world of vRealize Automation this is the perfect book to get started. Seasoned vRealize Orchestrator developers won’t find too much new value in the book but the plugins and examples section can be a useful reference and the tuning chapter might provide a few tidbits that are not too well outlined in the official documentation as well.

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