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Starting vRealize Orchestrator Client fails with “Unable to load resources”

December 27th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

As my On-Demand NSX ICM course lab is still broken I wanted to play a bit with vRealize Automation 6.2 and the embedded vRealize Orchestrator 6.0.

To the joy of some people my domain controller is also my virtual jumpbox and all purpose machine to use for such stuff. It had Java 8 64 bit JRE installed in the latest version but could not start the Orchestrator Client but would rather error out with the following call stack.



The error message is different from the Java 7 Update 51 security fix issue and the Wrapped Exception reveals what is going wrong.


I do get a 404 not found for the exact same location from where I downloaded the file just a second ago. Ping and nslookup also confirm that the name can be resolved just fine in the lab. But it is curious that the IO exception is thrown because of a proxy server as I cannot remember to ever have set up one in my lab. This was quickly confirmed by checking the proxy settings, nothing I configured at least, all default.


I then realized that the server was actually dual homed, one internal IP for lab use and one IP to connect to the corporate network for internet use. Swapping adapter binding in Windows did not resolve the issue and I did not want to remove the automatic proxy settings for the corporate connection to the internet for policy reasons. There is a trick though to get it still to work. In the Control Panel is a link to the Java Control Panel which also does have Network setting options.


Changing these options from “Use browser settings” to “Direct Connection” instantly resolves the issue.



Time to start building some workflows for certificate replacement then 🙂

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