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VMUG presentations 2014

December 24th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Christmas is the time for sharing and giving. As I have been rather busy in the past 2 months to share other content you can find 3 of my VMUG and customer day presentations. Especially since both themes recently came up on twitter as well.

Let’s start with the SSO VMDir deep dive which also contains some hints on how the most common causes for the Web Client login slowness in many environments which still seems to be an issue for some.

The second one is a primer on SSL certificates for the vCenter Server 5.5 stack and the most commonly seen issues during support calls I received over the past couple of months for it. The link by Viktor also adds nicely to the theme.

The last one is a general top 10 issues overview about the most frequently observed calls that would fit into a 45 minutes time window 😉 This one was co-presented with a colleague, Andreas Scherr, who covered the infrastructure issues while my work centers more around system management and cloudy stuff these days.

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