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EMCCIS exam experience

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A while back I sat the EMCCIS and as there is very limited exposure for this exam track out there I wanted to do a small write up as I found the experience quite enjoyable.

The exam is clearly positioned as an entry level exam in a 3 step track so you can expect a very wide range of topics but no in depth technology questions. You should be familiar with all the concepts on the blueprint though, for most on a “describe” for some on a “configure” level.

Unfortunately unlike the E20-001 ISM exam EMC does not offer a book for self study. If you do want the official training resources you will have to pay $600 (not sure if it actually includes the taxes, my guess would be a no though) to get an ILT recording. I have been told that the material is extremely good and very spot on but since my day to day work more or less exactly aligns with the blueprint I chose to save a couple of bucks and simply go for it. It does help to be familiar with the vSphere Cloud product suite as well. I actually had more VMware related questions in my exam than questions related to EMC products. EMC really did a great job on trying to be vendor agnostic whenever they can and rather test general cloud engineer skills than actual EMC technology.

Most of the topics can actually be researched using Google but there does not seem to be a comprehensive study guide out there written by the community which is a pity I believe. Unfortunately the two follow up exams of the same track seem to have the same faith but at least the blueprint does list the products you are expected to know. If you are unfamiliar with them you will either need to purchase the training, sit a live course or try to get exposure to that technology via the specific vendors who most of the time do actually offer a trial license.

From a difficulty point of view I would rate it way above the VCA but a bit below the VCP-Cloud. Not because of the covered content but simply because VCPs are known for daunting questions like “which menu do you need to go to to achieve xyz” and I personally hate this type of questions and find it rather irritating to study for them.

As I am not allowed to quote direct questions I will give you the following study focuses though:

Journey to the Cloud and Cloud Primer

– Do know why someone would adept which cloud model
– Do know the resons for choosing a certain allocation model
What would you do if you had to back out from your plan?
– Know certain terminology like SLA, service models, public, hybrid and private cloud…

Classic Data Center

– Know the most common raid levels, their benefits and drawbacks
– Know advantages and disadvantages of storage presentation (file/block, NFS/iSCSI/FC/FCoE)
– Know backup concepts, know DR/BC concepts
Know the difference between several storage replication technologies and their used protocols

Virtualized Data Center

– Know what virtualiziation is and keep the benefits in mind
– Be familiar with storage and networking virtualization technologies from around 2011-2012
Understand the concepts of VDI

Cloud Services and Management

– Know common governance criteria and documents
Know how to move from private to public or hybrid cloud models, especially the VMware technology behind it
– Security concepts and solutions, especially the offerings of EMC related companies like RSA

I am looking forward to sitting Specialist exam (E20-018) of the EMC cloud track soon and hope the quality will stay the same, but before I can do that some more research on yet unfamiliar technology has to be done, I really can only hope that EMC will at some day publish self study resources for this exam track as well.

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