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Book review: VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices

January 23rd, 2014 No comments

As I am currently studying for the VCAP-DTA I try to get all the literature safaribooks has to offer on the theme together to properly break down the blueprint.

One of the books I read so far has been VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices by Jason Ventresco.

As the title suggests this book is not overly suited for the VCAP-DTA as this is a practical exam and the content of the book is oriented for design work. It is a good read for people studying for the VCAP-DTD though. The 6 chapters cover a major part of the blueprint listing pros and cons of various design decisions. It also does some example calculations for compute and storage resources which might come in handy during the exam.

The content that can be delivered on 130 pages is of course limited but the author manages to talk about the most important subjects of the exam which would be general benefits, risks and design considerations, pool design, RDP vs PCoIP, network bandwidth constraints, sizing of compute resources, storage consideration, profile management and the various client options.

The only thing the book is lacking to not only be a good but a great read for exam preparation would be a design walk through as it is done in the vCloud Architecture Toolkit for example.

Nonetheless I would recommend everyone studying for the VCAP-DTD to have a look at the book as it contains alot of valuable and relevant information for the exam.

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