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VCAP-CIA objective 3.4 – Manage an Organization

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The blueprint states the following skills needed to cover this objective.

  • Create and manage Organizations
  • Manage Organization policies and settings

The process to create an Organization in vCloud Director is described in the English version of the vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide on pages 28 – 32 and the following kb article. Creating an Organization in VMware vCloud Director http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1026316 To create an Oganization in vCloud Director simply click the according link on the home screen which will bring up a wizard.


Next fill out the organization name, keep it short as this will be part of the URL that is called to access the organization. You can actually set a longer name in the Organization full name field which will appear in the browser header and an optional description.


The next screen gives you the choice for directory services, you can choose between none which basically means you will need to create the users in vCloud Director manually and they are stored in the vCloud Director database. You also have the choice to connect to the same LDAP system as the vCloud Director provider. You can choose different OUs for different organizations but you won’t have the flexibility as with the last option which is a completely independent ldap service. Further information on configuring ldap for vCloud Director can be found in the vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide on page 123 and the following kb article.

Setting up Kerberos authentication for vCloud Director http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2015986



The next screen will give you the option to add or create local users in case ldap services are down.


Next up is the choice if the organization admin can publish catalogues or not.


The next screen will allow you to override the default smtp settings to send emails for this organization.


The last screen will let you configure the policies for the organization. This includes the maximum runtime, template and storage leases, the storage clean-up policy, quotas, limits on resource intensive operations and console connections and account lockout policies.



When you click “Finish” on the summary page your Organization will be created and you will be able to use it as a container for Organization VDCs.

The vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide describes the following management tasks for an Organization on the pages 105 – 110 in the English version.

  • Enable or Disable an Organization
  • Delete an Organization
  • Add a Catalog to an Organization
  • Editing Organization Properties
  • Managing Organization Resources
  • Managing Organization Users and Groups

Disabling or Enabling an Organization can be done using the “Manage & Monitor” tab by right clicking the Organization. This will prevent or allow users to login into the Organization. It won’t affect the ability of administrators to allocate resources or make changes to the network. All vApps will also continue to run just fine.

From this menu you can also delete the Organization and edit the properties of the Organization. You will need to change the ownership of all objects within that Organization that the current users own to be able to delete it.


To add a catalogue to an Organization go to the quick start page and choose option 7 “Add a catalog to an Organization”.


Choose an Organization in the Wizard to add the catalogue to.


Name the catalogue.


And finally choose the publishing option if you are allowed to that depending on the Organization options.


You will be able to edit most properties you selected during the creation process by choosing the “Properties” option when right clicking the Organization. If you actually want to change the Organization name though you will need to disable the Organization first.


You also have the option to change the LDAP settings for the Organization, to choose if catalogues can be  published to all Organizations, email notification settings and the policies you choose at creating the Organization.

To manage the resources of an Organization you will need to create, modify or delete Organization VDCs which is described in detail in objective 3.3.

To add and manage users for an Organization you can double click the Organization in the “Manage & Monitor” tab and add either vCloud Director local users or import users and groups from an LDAP source.



You will have some more options to manage those users when you right click them. You will be able to enable and disable accounts, unlock a locked account or delete an account. Depending if the account is a local account or an LDAP account you will also be able to reset the password, change the role, edit the contact info and quotas by choosing the “Properties” option.



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