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Why DNS is important … #2

August 26th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

While writing up objective 2.3 I tried to enable VXLAN for my clusters and ran into the following issue.


Naively clicking on “Resolve” did not doing anything good to actually resolve it so I had a look at the tasks and events of the single hosts.


So it looks like it is failing to actually install the required agent on the host. I found this weird as the vCloud Agent could be pushed just fine, so I had a look at the esxupdate.log on one of the hosts.


It looks like the shortname of the vCenter server could not be resolved, a quick check with nslookup on the host confirmed this, only the FQDN of my vCenter could be resolved. So I went ahead and added the appropriate search domain to my ESXi configuration which actually fixed the issue as the “Resolve” button was working just fine now.


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